an actual conversation i overheard on the train
person 1:i'm not against gay marriage but i feel sorry for people with 2 dads
person 2:what? why?
person 1:they have to put up with twice the dad jokes
person 2:omfg


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Wait, everyone else met Pete the Peacock, right?






this is a goddamn national travesty

Jesus fucking christ, get over your goddam fandom and support a woman who is really beginning to change the perceptions of gender in this stupid society.

except this is for acting. i’m not upvoting someone based on their gender. i’ll upvote them based on whether or not i like their acting. i’d never heard of laverne cox until i saw this post so therefore, i won’t vote yes or no. are you really going to get mad at people for not voting for someone they’ve never heard of?

how is this even a travesty? she’s got a yes and it’s going to be difficult to change that. just because a white cis guy (who more people have heard of and have seen acting) has a higher percentage of yes votes than she does? 

look. i get you’re oppressed and all, but take what you get. it’s still progress that she’s even an option for this being a transwoman and all. and the fact that she’s gotten a yes majority is tremendous.

err actually no? it’s not solely for acting, it’s based on who has made the biggest impact, not just ‘who’s the best actor.’ laverne is an advocate and activist for trans women. she is literally one of the first major trans women actresses.

just having a ‘yes’ doesn’t let you automatically get in the top 10? also benedict cumberbatch is ableist (compared autistic people to frankenstein), transmisogynistic (misgendered Chelsea Manning, a trans woman) and also just a general piece of shit

also if you don’t know who she is you really haven’t been paying attention to anything but i’m kind of not surprised considering your terrible benedict cumberbatch popup bai


Do you have a source for the autistic quote? All I’m finding are tumblr posts with no source. Convenient! The most I can find that isn’t hilarious Tumblr shrieking says he claimed he used autistic people as a means of inspiration for how he played the Monster (not Frankenstein, thanks). Again, that’s also unsourced. And if he did? That’s not exactly inappropriate. He needed to portray someone who is fairly outcast by society (check), has a hard time interacting socially with others (check), and is fairly frustrated with the world for it (check). He drew inspiration from a group of people who face struggles not entirely dissimilar to the Monster’s- and also, I’m pretty much 100% sure, from other sources- and synthesized it all to make a performance. Y’know, how actors do. That’s not comparing autistic people to the Monster. That’s acknowledging they face real, difficult struggles and using that to help make his performance relatable. Also, have you… read Frankenstein? B/c the Monster isn’t the Monster from the movies, believe me. The Monster, in some ways, is even more human than Frankenstein himself, because… oh, I’ll fangirl about that later.

So yeah, not exactly a terrible thing to do. Onto the next sourceless accusation!

He might have misgendered Manning, from the sketchy claimed original transcripts I’m seeing, but allow me to use this as a jumping off for OH MY GOD YOU FLING WORDS TOO QUICKLY.

Here’s the dealio. Either everyone ever forever is transphobic (the word you’re looking for is transphobic) or everyone fucks up and not everyone is aware at all times or thinking at all times and yeah, does shitty things. An accusation of transphobia is a serious one- and if you’re willing to write Cumberbatch off as a transphobe (a horrible person) for this one incident, this one time, your finger was already twitching over the button. 

But nah, Tumblr’s like this with everything. Can we dig up one time you said you didn’t get what the big deal with gay marriage was? HOMOPHOBE. Can we dig up one time you used a slur? RACIST. Can we look, deep in your blog, and find you wearing faux Native clothes? ALSO RACIST. Heck, I was reared by a radfem. You wanna dig in my past, I need to be called a racist (used a racial slur towards people of mixed descent commonly as a child, was told it was ok), a transphobe (thought trans people were playing dress-up, and also idiots), a homophobe (wasn’t allowed to watch Ellen- would turn me gay! How’d that work out for you dad?), probably a few other things too. But when you accuse someone of being a racist or being a homophobe etc and so forth you’re accusing them of being irredeemably such. It’s an accusation that has to have, as sidneyia would say, urgency and potency. I would call Mr Duck Dynasty (what’s his name I don’t even know) a homophobe because he seems to be pretty gosh darn set in his ways. I would call the WBC homophobic. I wouldn’t call an adult who uses “fag” or “dyke” as an insult one. It’s homophobic behavior, but until we see the response to them being told as much (and being told here has to be gentle, going up and screaming U R SO HOMOPHOBIC U SUCK U SUCK U SUCK GO FUCKING FELLATE A GUN!!!!!!ELEVEN1111!!!! doesn’t count,) I am not personally ready to write them off. Essentially, there’s a difference between “behavior that they were reared to see as normal” and “bigot”. The defining factor, for me, is how they respond to being told that it’s Not Okay. (It’s just a word, you’re being oversensitive, etc: bad. I’m sorry about my behavior, let me think on that for a while, thank you for informing me: good.) And we haven’t seen him respond, yet, which makes me a little wary of him, but he’s earned my benefit of the doubt. For now. 

So, like, do I think it’s okay he (potentially) misgendered Manning? No. Do I think it makes him an irredeemable transphobe, as you are suggesting? Also no. He did a transphobic thing, yes. But it also doesn’t look like anyone’s taken the time to ask him about it besides screaming on their Tumblrs. (Of course, my Google-fu is weak. Source please.) But the accusations and stampings of “UR A BAD PERSON” come hard and fast on this website, forcing you to tiptoe around the party line. The party line that was made by young kids, mightIadd. Of course, there are singular actions/words that will make me write someone off- but those tend to be on the caliber of literal rape or violent threats. 

(Sidenote: The source I can find that is reputable and not a tumblr blog has this quote: ““I don’t think it’s as simple as that, really,” the English actor said when asked whether Manning is a hero or villain. “I think what she did was incredibly brave, and at the same time, a legal process had to take place. It’s a very complex issue to just come down on one side or the other.”” Again, though, it’s Buzzfeed. So if someone can find a BBC source or something, I’m willing to retract this.)

Also, do I think Ms Cox deserves to be on there? Yes, for her acting and her advocacy and activism. Do I think it’s really fucking cool a trans woman is going to be on the Times 100, in all likelyhood? Heck yes. 

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This shit came out in 2001.

Talk about right on the money.


Recap of the first three eps of Stardust Crusaders yer welcome.

That’s literally all you need to know.



Recap of the first three eps of Stardust Crusaders yer welcome.

That’s literally all you need to know.

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Artist Nathan Pyle's gif guide to NYC street etiquette is handy for any city. Take it to the streets!


This is London too omg

This is probably every major city but New Yorkers are famous for the invisible sidewalk lanes.


how about put this in everyone’s heads everywhere please


people who liveblog their first experiences with jojo’s are precious and wonderful




Fix it! Do it! Accidentally unscrew it! It’s time to fix things with Soos!

I can’t get enough of the terrible after effects

It took me a good while to realize I was not watching youtube poop, and that’s just perfect.